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Office for AmoMedia Genesis IT company–多个所有者


AmoMedia / Genesis IT公司办公室

建筑师:奥尔加·索罗基纳(Olga Sorokina),亚娜·维斯尼纳(Yana Vesnina),瓦迪姆·阿夫德科(Vadim Avdeiko)
照片:Yevhenii Avramenko

欢迎我们工作室的一个刚实现的项目-Genesis公司分支机构-Amo Media的工作区,该项目可以创建内容并开发媒体产品。新办公室的主要目标是为不断壮大的团队的创新过程提供启发和优化的空间。

Office for AmoMedia / Genesis IT company

Architects: Olga Sorokina, Yana Vesnina, Vadim Avdeiko
Project Area: 504 sq.m.
Project Year: 2019
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Photo: Yevhenii Avramenko

Welcome a freshly realized project of our studio – a workspace for Genesis company branch – Amo Media, which creates content and develops media products. The main goal of the new office is to become an inspiring and optimizing space for creative processes of a growing team.
The office is designed according to the open space concept, relocatable and developing as an independent organism, uniting in itself different functional zones without any obstructions.
The spatial composition is designed as an enfilade – the volumes of relocatable workspaces are beaded on the central axis, and they are located along windows providing the maximum access to the daylight for workers.
Alongside with preserving an existing architectural look with diagonal trusses which impose the zoning, we designed not only working zones, but also welcome zone, chill-out zone, conference rooms of various capacity and a cafeteria.
We chose an intense palette basing on the dynamic youth culture of the company and brand’s colours.

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