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Obscura Digital HQ–IwamotoScott Architecture


位于美国加利福尼亚州Dogpatch区的Obscura Digital总部/ IwamotoScott办公室于2010年完成
除非另有说明,否则照片:Ryan van Rijthoven

沉浸式和交互式媒体公司Obscura Digital搬到了旧金山Dogpatch附近的这个36,000平方英尺的三层仓库。 主要设计概念通过移除二楼的三个中央隔间在建筑物的中央引入了一个大型多功能空间,从而创建了一个双高原型,展览和活动空间,围绕该空间可以组织其他功能。 IwamotoScott自己的办公室位于空间的一端,由自行生产的折叠式钢结构BookCaseScreenWall定义,BookCaseScreenWall是两个办公室之间的功能性多孔边界。

Obscura Digital HQ / IwamotoScott office, Dogpatch District, San Francisco CA, completed 2010
photos: Ryan van Rijthoven unless otherwise noted

Obscura Digital, an immersive and interactive media company, relocated to this 36,000 square foot three-level warehouse in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. The main design concept introduces a large multifunction space at the center of the building by removing three central bays of the second floor, thereby creating a double-height prototyping, exhibition and event space around which the other functions are organized. IwamotoScott’s own office, located at one end of the space, is defined by the self-produced folded steel installation, BookCaseScreenWall – a functional, porous boundary between the two offices.

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